Glass leaf spray by Botanopia
Glass leaf spray by Botanopia
Glass leaf spray by Botanopia
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Leaf spray with plant by Botanopia
Glass leaf spray by Botanopia
Glass leaf spray by Botanopia

Glass Spray Mister for your plants – 250ml

Add some functional flair to your decor with our glass spray mister for your plants. Amber glass with golden accents, it’s a good look! Fill your 250ml mister with water or your leaf spray recipe and get ready to shower your plants with love. 

Not only does our mister spray bottle look elegant, it provides a gentle mist to keep your plants hydrated in style. Perfect for keeping the humidity on your plants high and removing dust from the leaves. We’ve included an instruction booklet to give you essential tips and info on spraying your houseplants if you want to learn more. It also includes our favourite leaf spray recipe.

Glass is a timeless material that exudes quality. It won’t be impacted by long term use like plastic misters often are. No change of colour, leaks or other inconveniences. The amber color protects the contents from UV light, ideal if you’re using an organic leaf spray.

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Neem Oil, ready to mix, 100ml

Having plant issues? This tree oil may be the solution. It comes from Azadirachta indica, a tree native to South Asia and is an all natural way to prevent and treat fungus issues, bacteria and insects. 

Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the tropical neem tree. By using a cold press extraction method, all active properties of the tree are maintained. The oil is then bottled with Rimulgan (made from caster oil) and peppermint essential oil to create an effective and easy to use neem oil for plants.

All our liquid products are packed in amber glass bottles for an elegant look. This is a 100 ml bottle is enough to create 10 L of protective plant spray, once mixed with water. We’ve included a practical measuring cup. Use a plant mister to apply the mixture to the soil and leaves of your plants. Don’t spray it on your leaves when they are in direct sunlight.

Neem oil is a good natural way to keep unwanted insects at bay, so they don’t disrupt the growth of your plants.

It can also be used to fight fungus like mould, mildew or blight and bacteria like fire blights.


A bottle to display

Our liquid products come in amber coloured glass bottles for an elegant look. Frequently used things should always be functional, lasting, and beautiful in our opinion, to maximize daily joys. This leaf spray bottle is definitely one we’re proud of, and we hope it’ll become a beloved part of your plant care routine.

Create your shine

The dewy shine on your leaves after spraying them won’t last forever, but did you know you can mix your own organic leaf shine spray? Have a look at the recipe we included to pamper and polish your plants even more. Our amber glass spray bottle will help you keep the contents safe from UV light.

Our plant mister in short

– Stylish. Timeless material and design for an elegant look.

– Effective plant care. Keep humidity high, remove dust.

– Houseplant care essential. Includes a watering instruction booklet.

– Amber coloured glass, can hold 250ml (8,5 fl. oz).

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 9,84 × 7,48 × 1,97 in
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8 reviews for Glass Spray Mister for your plants – 250ml

  1. Marleen Baueer (verified owner)

    hübsche flasche

  2. Verona L (verified owner)

    Die Glasssprühflasche habe ich mir zusammen mit dem Niemöl zugelegt. Zunächst nur für den Fall von Schädlingen, aber seit dem ich es verwendet habe strahlen die Blätter meiner Monsterra und sehen direkt gesünder aus.

  3. Isabelle Chapman (verified owner)

    The bottle looks beautiful! No need to hide it anymore just as advertised! I think I need more haha!

  4. Lina (verified owner)

    Ich mag das Design

  5. Harper Walcott (verified owner)

    Was previously using an old, ugly window cleaning bottle to spray my plants and thought it was about time i bought something proper. Very handy that this bottle popped up online only a few days after. This is fantastic! and the aesthetic is so so nice!

  6. Emilia K. (verified owner)

    Works exactly how you would think. I added a little bit of leaf shine and now my plants look and feel healthy!

  7. Jasmine Levallois (verified owner)

    Tout simple comme produit, mais c’est pas tous les jours qu’on trouve des flacons pschitt pas en plastique et surtout pas moches 😉 j’en suis très contente, ça fait très classe sur ma plant shelfie

  8. Laurène (verified owner)

    joli, bonne qualité

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