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A tiny treehouse for your plants, by Botanopia
A tiny treehouse for your plants, by Botanopia
A tiny treehouse for your plants, by Botanopia
Video thumbnail tiny treehouse by botanopia
A tiny treehouse for your plants, by Botanopia
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Tiny treehouse by Botanopia
Tiny treehouse by Botanopia
The Packaging of our Tiny Treehouse for your plants
The Packaging of our Tiny Treehouse for your plants
The Packaging of our Tiny Treehouse for your plants

Tiny Treehouse for your plants

Build your tiny treehouse while letting your mind drift to memories of past treehouse adventures. This special DIY craft is a trip down memory lane with the rewarding result of a lovely gold decoration for your houseplants.

Assemble the gold brass elements of this set to build your treehouse and hang it from a branch, we included a tiny rope ladder, so you can reach it. If you’re afraid of heights you can place it at the roots of your plant too, it’s just as cozy to stay close to the ground. Also included in the set are a little swing for daydreaming and mini creatures to keep you company. Raise your hand if you believe building treehouses should be a lifetime habit. Waking up surrounded by green, birds chirping and fresh air blowing through.

These brass garden decorations have a protective coating, so they’re fit for indoor and outdoor use. They can develop a lovely patina overtime, but you can polish them back to a shine if preferred.

More sets available: Tiny Camping, Tiny Bike Adventure and Tiny Birdhouse and more decorative plant accessories for indoor and outdoor use.

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Decorate delicately

Just like accessorizing your house, you can accessorize your houseplants. Working golden accents and miniature worlds into the wilderness of your home is fun and can even be quite the therapeutic task. Removing any stray leaves from the pot is like sweeping the floor before placing your freshly assembled tiny treehouse in your houseplant pot. The decorative finishing touch to celebrate your plants.

Mindful hobby time

This treehouse honors its name, the assembled size is 3 by 4 by 5,5 cm, long stilt legs not included. Tiny but tough, the brass elements can handle life inside or in your outside garden. Connecting the parts is mostly done by folding the brass, no glue necessary. However, it’s good to keep a sharp small knife and some scissors on hand. Get a cup of tea, watch our video tutorial (in the video tab) to prepare, and off you go on your crafty adventure!

Our tiny treehouse in short

  • – A crafty gift for creative plant lovers. Fun to do together, too!
  • – Pop of gold. Shiny brass and fresh greens are a style match made in heaven.
  • – Take your time. Nothing more rewarding than a relaxing DIY afternoon.
  • – Super cute. You’ll get a little extra joy every time you look at your plants.

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12 reviews for Tiny Treehouse for your plants

  1. Alida van Dijken (verified owner)

    In de categorie dingen die ik totaal niet nodig hebt en toch niet zonder kan 😂 zo schattig dit met een aapje erbij

  2. Maya Morgan (verified owner)

    This product is so cute! I love how you can mount it in the branches as well as on the floor! The assembling was a tough one tho. For everyone who is a fan of those kind of things, good, but I had to get help from my sister.

  3. Karin Baumann (verified owner)

    Sehr süß, aber ich hatte mit der kleinen Leiter zunächst ein paar Probleme. Ich habe eher breite Finger, weshalb mir das Zusammenbauen der Kleinteile etwas schwer fiel. Also Geduld und Zeit einplanen!

  4. Francois van der Walle (verified owner)

    Leuk projectje om te bouwen op de zondagmiddag, samen met mijn vriendin in elkaar gezet, hangt nu in onze ficus

  5. Ivy Preston (verified owner)

    I have rather wide fingers, which is why I found it a bit difficult to assemble the small parts. So plan for patience and time!

  6. Melissa Watkins (verified owner)

    Got it this morning and installed it this afternoon! It looks great with my plants and I cannot wait to show it off to my friends :))))

  7. Amalie (verified owner)

    Find ich super. Vor allem in Kombination mit meinem Bonsai-Bäumchen! Landet dieses Jahr bestimmt bei meinen Freunden im Weihnachtsgeschenk. 😀

  8. Hollie Wright (verified owner)

    So so cute! Love it!!!!

  9. Anneke (verified owner)

    Je moet wel geduldig de video volgen om te bouwen de onderdelen zijn erg klein. Ik was een kwartiertje bezig alleen met het knoppen van de ladder maar nu het af is was het wel de moeite waard heel leuk

  10. Magdalene W. (verified owner)

    Ich liebe das kleine Baumhaus! Bisher musste jeder Hausbesucher zweimal hinschauen und war ebenfalls begeistert. Liebe steckt nun mal im Detail.

  11. Damien (verified owner)

    j’ai passé un bon moment à assembler ma petite cabane et à l’accrocher dans ma plante. comforme à la description

  12. Morgane (verified owner)

    j’avoue que c’est un achat complêtement superflu et en même temps tout à fait essentiel 🙂 j’adooooore

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