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Who doesn’t love more free plants?

Luckily it’s fairly easy to propagate (=multiply) your houseplants at home, following this technique.

Select new growth on your healthy mother plant.  In this example we’re using a big Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum), but the technique is the same for pretty much all houseplants.

Step 1: Cut the “babies” (also called rejects, pups and a few other names) from the mother plant.

Step 2: Set them with the base of the plant in water, and the rest of the leaves suspended above it, staying dry. That’s when your germination plates come in handy. Set them in a sunny place.

Step 3: Wait for the new cuttings to create roots. You should change the water regularly. Sometimes there’s a bit of a brown film that grows on the new roots, or a leaf left underwater for too long that starts decaying. Just rinse those out under the tap during your weekly water change and it should all be fine.

When your cutting has made sufficient new roots, you can repot it in soil, keeping the soil very moist in the beginning. However we like to keep them in water on their germination plate forever, so we can enjoy the root growth as well as the foliage :-). As long as you give them proper nutrients in the water, they can thrive indefinitely without soil.
Propagation is a great way to create lovely gifts for your friends and family, practically for free!
Some other great candidates for this techniques are:
Pilea peperomioides (Chinese Money Plant), Begonias, African Violets, Monstera Deliciosa, Crassula (Jade Plant), Sansevieria (Snake plant) and many more.
You can also propagate succulents and cacti in much the same way, with a little variations. Here’s how.

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